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Recycled Denim Collection by Scotch & Soda

30 Sep

Recycled Denim Collection by Scotch & Soda

I am more and more getting aware of all the waste we produce by ourselves, thanks to overconsumption, and trying to contribute myself into a more sustainable lifestyle.
That’s why I really like this RCLD Denim Knit work programme of Scotch & Soda‘s denim label Amsterdams Blauw.

Amsterdams Blauw designed a couple of “basic” knits that are perfect in its imperfection. The items are all made out of the bottom part of a jeans (the legs), this is easy to use because it doesn’t contain zippers, pockets or loops. After cutting the denim in little pieces they comb the fabric it into a fluffy substance. Eventually they separate all the different colors out of the substance and then you start at the beginning of a normal process, where you only have raw cotton.
This is the reason why this collection is almost 20% more expensive than a normal collection, but at the end you got more value for you money because you contribute into a more sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry.
All the products are not bleached or dyed what gives them all a cool and pure look and of course it’s better for the environment đŸ˜‰

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-18 om 13.16.12

This project is a little step in the right direction to a more sustainable fashion industry, but I’m really happy that the bigger fashion retailers are putting thoughts into this which will inspire more people to think more about waste!


Food waste & Dumpsterdivers

2 Oct

Amount of food we throw away every year.

Every year we throw away for billions worth of money on food, worst part is that a big part of the planet doesn’t have food at all. Most people don’t even know that a lot of food is still edible after its expiration date.

There is this group of people, called ‘dumpsterdivers’ who live from the waste of the grocery store. They don’t want to spend money on new food, when there’s enough good food in the garbage. They don’t just save a lot of money, they also “protest” against food waste.

I think this is a very interesting topic because we can’t continue to throw away that much food and we can only change something by making people aware of this problem. I don’t know if dumpster diving is the perfect solution for me but when I do grocery shopping I try to buy only products I really need and eat them before their expiration date so I don’t have to throw anything away.

This is a very interesting documentary about food waste on the Dutch program ZEMBLA/ Voedsel verspilling – ZEMBLA 2012

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