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Chinese Pinterest with Glam

17 Dec

I’m now working on a trendreport for the Dutch brand HEMA, this brand really likes to conquer the world and especially Asia. That’s why I did some research to cool things that happen in China.

Everybody knows social network Pinterest, the digital board that allows you to share the most inspiring pictures and create your own visual collages. China has its very own version of Pinterest, called Buykee. With Buykee it is also possible to create your own visual collages and like and share the pictures you think are cool, only big difference is that this platform only contains luxury and fashion goods which you can also buy when you see something you like. This makes it even more easy to make the perfect wishing list!

Also a big advantage is that you can easily search for the products you like and the site contains big Asian and Western brands. I’m also a fan of Pinterest, but often, like a lot of other woman experience, it’s pretty annoying to click so much to discover from which brand a certain product is or where I can buy it, when it’s even possible. Buykee sounds like the perfect combination between a webshop and an inspiring visual market and since we’re living in a visual culture nowadays this site promises hours of looking at beautiful goods. Just be honest, nobody wants to buy something in a crappy webstore with ‘flat’ images’ and at Buykee everything already looks just marvelous.

I think this site can also be an interesting platform for HEMA to start introducing their brand to the Asian market. If HEMA succeeds in creating inspiring images which will be shared by as many users as possible, this will help them get more brand awareness. ImageImage


Create Your own Discount Deal

15 Dec

I’m now working on a trendreport for the Dutch brand HEMA, this brand really likes to conquer the world and especially Asia. That’s why I did some research to cool things that happen in China.

This is Handsup.cn it’s is the first domestic site that allows consumers to request deals. Seeing goods or service which they want, users can create and promote their own deals, turning a local business’s customers into its biggest advocates.

According to Handsup, it takes just three steps for consumers to request a deal:

  1. Find an item that you’d like to buy.
  2. Submit the idea along with a photo, pick a realistic discount amount, and add a deal description. Here it goes through a review process behind the scenes. If the deal is approved, you will see it in action on the site. Now you can wait for it to gain traction, or rally people to sign up for the deal by sharing it online.
  3. If enough people are interested in the idea, Handsup reps will contacts businesses with the details, and if a business approves it, the deal is on. Now you can buy it with a nice discount!


The more people ‘hands up’ a deal, the greater the discount will become. The advocator of the deal will get a reward of 100RMB for each deal that goes on sale, no matter if he or she buys it. This is how Handsup inspires social sharing and word-of-mouth marketing in its innovative group-buying model.

This consumer-to-business (C2B) model is so new in China that nobody knows whether it will be success or not. Liu Lei, one of the founders of Handsup, says that his website offers a stronger deal alternative than those normal group-buying sites, and lower prices as well. Currently, the items on Handsup.cn range from clothing and gadgets, to food and cosmetics.

I think that new initiative like the Handsup, can be very interesting for brands like HEMA if it turns out to be working. HEMA always likes to offer easy simplicity for a good price, with a platform like this HEMA can really let the consumer collaborate with them. Maybe it’s an idea to ask the costumers which products they like to buy at HEMA and the more people who want this product the cheaper HEMA can make it for them.

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