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What does CRAFT mean to me?

13 Sep

CRAFT, it’s something you normally don’t think about every day, but maybe we should..

I’m a fashion student and things that interest me most are trends, things that are changing in our normal day life. I like to think about what these changing ‘signs’ or trends that people are spotting in society will mean to us in the future, but especially what this means for fashion. That’s why I started thinking about Craft, there was a long time in society we didn’t want to know where our products came from and how and by who they were produced. But, that is changing now, we want to know what we are buying and we are interested in craftsmanship again. In the coming weeks I want to research the reason why people are interested in things like craft again and what is changing in the relationship between producer, product and people.

Craft for me is a design or a product with a soul, it’s not just an ordinary thing, it’s more than that.. it’s a product were you can build a long-term relationship with, it’s also a product that’s made with love and it’s different from you’ve seen before, Craft is just beautiful in its own way.¬†

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