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Overconsumption? Rent an outfit!

18 Sep

Do you know that feeling? A closet full of clothes and still you don’t know what to wear, or you buy new clothes every month, wear them a couple of times and don’t like them anymore?

Overconsumption is a very common topic nowadays, and I also started thinking about it a lot. I always buy fast fashion because it’s cheap and I don’t want to spent all of my money on the latest trends. You never know when they’re already outdated. One thing I already started doing was just thinking how I could do something about that myself. I already swept some stuff with friends and try to buy less clothes of fast fashion retailers, but then I found out something perfect for me and also other girls who love fashion!

Le Tote – Your closet. Expanded. 

This new initiative from San Francisco gives you the opportunity to always look great and trendy at a sustainable way, not by buying but renting your clothes! For $49 per month you can rent a complete fashionable outfit (including accessories) of good quality and all sustainable brands. You just have to subscribe, let them see what your personal style is and they make a package for you with your new outfit. When you don’t like it anymore you just send it back an receive a new outfit. So you never have to buy stuff you’ll eventually don’t wear anymore and still are dressed in the latest trends.

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