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My Nepali Tailor is a Rockstar

8 Nov


What it Is: 

Dutch fashion brand Studio JUX = design + eco + fair. JUX is the German word for fun and that’s how fashion should be. Fun for everybody, from the consumer to the designer and fun for the tailor and the environment as well. That’s why Studio JUX chose to produce their collection in Nepal, a poor country with less opportunities but great people who want to work. Jitske Lundgren, the fashion designer of studio JUX, even moved to Nepal to guarantee  the eight labour standards of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Why it is Cool:

Studio JUX is really cool because it is fair Dutch Design. JUX is a brand from Amsterdam and every item can be recognized by its minimalistic and comfortable design with a little twist. But what only makes it even more cool is that the brand only uses sustainable fabrics and materials for its collection (like angora from a organic farm in India, Hemp and recycled coke bottles!).
And of course the coolest part is that it’s absolutely fair. Every item has its own story and if your curious about what it’s made of and by whom, you only have to take a visit to their website and you can learn a lot about the Nepali tailor who made your hemp chino, for instance. The scarf you can see at one of the pictures is specially made by Nepali housewives who normally stay at home and can’t work. By knitting these scarves at home they can earn some extra money for the whole family and become more independent.

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Why it has Future Growth Potential:

I know that a lot of people don’t care where there products came from and still like to shop cheap fast fashion at Primark and H&M. But I think little brands as Studio JUX can start a little movement of creating a better fashion supply chain. I hope brands like these can inspire people to think about working conditions in third world countries and help them choose for a more fair alternative. I think that at the end the bigger fashion retailers will also get inspired and it will contribute into a more transparent fashion industry.


Energy from someone else’s roof

8 Nov


What it Is:

1Miljoenwatt and Solar Green Point give you the possibility to buy one or more solar panels in a solar park. These parks are situated on roofs of big companies, factories or sport clubs. By joining one of these initiatives you contribute to a more sustainable world and save money on your energy bills. A big advantage of a solar panel somewhere else is that you can move house and keep your solar panel.

Why it is Cool:

Some people really want to generate green energy via solar panels but sometimes it’s just not possible on their roof (for instance, because you live in an apartment or rent your house). Stan Verheijen (CEO of Solar Green) says that 70% percent of the people living in the ‘Randstad’ don’t have the possibility to generate their own green energy, so that’s why he started this initiative.
Both companies search for big buildings in different cities in the Netherlands to collaborate with them. Big advantage for the companies is that they will have enough energy to generate for their total own use and they participate in helping to make the whole city a lot greener. Also really cool for the people who buy a panel on someone else’s roof is that they don’t have to worry about everything. The solar panel company looks after your panels and also takes care of repairing and maintenance. Really cool right?
Not only commercial companies are busy with this way of generating energy also the Dutch municipality of Nijmegen their own initiative and placed solar parks on various roofs in the city. By doing this they generate energy for the city whole city centre and for people who privately invested in the solar panels.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:

I think everybody would like to participate into a more sustainable lifestyle but sometimes it really makes it difficult to do so because of very difficult rules about solar panel or because you move a lot. These initiatives a very easy to get in contact with. The only thing you have to do is buy a solar panel for €550,- a piece and you can already generate (a bit) of your own green energy. And also since more and more people don’t want to take the risk anymore to buy a house or since we’re living as Urban Nomads an moving to lots of different places, this could be the perfect solution.Image

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