Cuddly Travel Mate

20 Oct

Last week I went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and there I visited the graduation expo of the Design Acadamy where I saw lots of interesting stuff. A lot of designers came up with cool idea’s for people who travel a lot around the world. The so calles ‘Urban Nomads’, there was one designer who made a product line of furniture that is easy to pack and move, a designer who made cool bags to travel your pet with you and also this sleepover bag which I really liked:

This is the ‘Sleep Over’ bag, designed by Man & Identity student Lisa Lagemaat of the Design Acadamy Eindhoven. The Sleep Over bag is a soft and cuddly bag that offers your body support and warmth and keeps your personal belongings safe at the same time. The quilted material and ergonomic form make you want to hold them close, the bag just easily adepts to any pose.

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-30 om 20.01.11

This is the ultimate solution for the die hard Urban Nomads among us. Considering that I’m a Urban Nomad myself this product would really help me to get enough rest during al my train rides around the country. Traveling goes so much faster when you’re dreaming about nice things, especially when you have a long day ahead of you. The only problem most people have in the train or on the road is the that you can keep an eye on your bag while you asleep. This bag combines a comfy sleeping position with the possibility to keep your stuff really close to you, how cool is that?!

Because of globalization where probably going to travel a lot more around the world in the future. But since everything is moving really fast and where not having enough time for ourselves to really relax, the only time we have to take a nap might be on the road. I’m not sure if I can see people standing with their Sleep Over bag in the queue at the Albert Heijn, but it might be a solution for when you’re backpacking around the world…


Magazine Kiosk of the Future

15 Oct

This is Meganews, the first automatic magazine kiosk ever and already in use at two different places in Sweden. Meganews is a small kiosk that contains all different kind of digital magazines and papers and one big printing machine.

The Meganews kiosk works really easy, you can choose from more than 100 different titles, by clicking on the magazine you like the digital pdf version will appear on you screen. After that the only thing you  have to do is press print and pay with you credit card. After two minutes, your fresh printed magazine will pop out of the machine. It’s like a little factory inside a kiosk!

There are a couple of things that make this product really cool. First, it contains to a more sustainable production, the kiosk only prints the magazines that people are willing to buy. So, no more waste! Second reason why it is cool is that it’s possible to sell all different kind of international magazines and also the smaller creative independent magazines. With Meganews it will be very easy to get you personal favorite magazine. And the last reason why it is cool is that you can introduce yourself with new magazines you didn’t knew before and, of course, it feels very special when you receive something that’s freshly made for you.

This machine offers big potential for both printed media and digital media. Times are hard for printed media, but they are still very important in the media landscape. Although news and other information is also available online, there still will be people who prefer printed media. New ways of distributing and selling content, however, are necessary for this industry to survive and many magazines and newspapers can’t afford large circulation any more. That’s where Meganews can play an important role for the future.

Watch a game like your in it!

13 Oct

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-15 om 12.14.30Schermafbeelding 2013-10-15 om 12.14.44

This is the FANs Cam, a ‘free-angle and naked camera’ that can be clipped onto the collar of a sports player’s uniform to provide spectators with a live video feed of their favorite sports game from a perspective they never could experience before. The FANs Cam is created by two students of  the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, because they thought that there’s alway something missing when watching a sports game; the view from the athlete’s angle.

The little camera gives watching sports a whole new meaning, you can experience the sport the way your favorite athlete does it. Just imagine how it would be to actually be Usain Bolt, Epke Sonderland or Christiano Ronaldo. Using this camera and watching the game like this will give a whole new dimension to the way we love sports.

Also a really cool spec of this camera is that it will recharge itself by the body heat of the athlete who is wearing it, which means that it doesn’t matter how long the game goes on, you’ll always have the best view.  And last but not least, it’s also very easy to use with your smartphone. Just scan the QR code on your ticket and choose your favorite sports player and you can start watching the game at the tribune and at the same time see exactly what your player sees at the field.

The reason why this can be a product of the future is that people are always searching for bigger, better, faster and stronger. Thanks to everything around us that’s moving faster and faster, we have a stronger need for real experiences that you can remember. That’s how the FANs Cam can fit in, thanks to 3d televisions we can watch a sports game already like you are really there, but the FANs Cam can give you an extra dimension, which will make the whole experience a lot more special.


Recycled Denim Collection by Scotch & Soda

30 Sep

Recycled Denim Collection by Scotch & Soda

I am more and more getting aware of all the waste we produce by ourselves, thanks to overconsumption, and trying to contribute myself into a more sustainable lifestyle.
That’s why I really like this RCLD Denim Knit work programme of Scotch & Soda‘s denim label Amsterdams Blauw.

Amsterdams Blauw designed a couple of “basic” knits that are perfect in its imperfection. The items are all made out of the bottom part of a jeans (the legs), this is easy to use because it doesn’t contain zippers, pockets or loops. After cutting the denim in little pieces they comb the fabric it into a fluffy substance. Eventually they separate all the different colors out of the substance and then you start at the beginning of a normal process, where you only have raw cotton.
This is the reason why this collection is almost 20% more expensive than a normal collection, but at the end you got more value for you money because you contribute into a more sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry.
All the products are not bleached or dyed what gives them all a cool and pure look and of course it’s better for the environment 😉

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-18 om 13.16.12

This project is a little step in the right direction to a more sustainable fashion industry, but I’m really happy that the bigger fashion retailers are putting thoughts into this which will inspire more people to think more about waste!


Grow Your Own Clothes

24 Sep

ORESUMODAMODA - Bio CoutureEver heard about growing your own clothes? It may sound a bit futuristic but it can be more realistic than you imagine.

A lot of designers nowadays are thinking about how they can make design more sustainable. We already have bio-cotton and some brands re-use the fabric of their old collection for new items, but BioDesign may be the a good alternative for sustainable fashion.

BioCouture, a design atelier in London, tries to find new innovative ways to use new biomaterials and use that for new consumers designs. They already made a “bioleather” jacket out of bacteria and are researching new developments in biomanufactering, so that maybe in the near future they can make helmets out of crab shells and transform carrots into skateboards. In this short TED movie you can see how that process with “bioleather” works. The biggest advantage of using this bio material is that when you don’t like your clothes anymore, you could just put it in the ground and it will disappear. There’s only one disadvantage and that’s that if it comes in contact with liquid it will start growing again and will suck all the liquid up, what will make it very heavy.

So this may not be a perfect solution for sustainable clothing yet, but it’s definitely a really interesting development. Imagine how different the whole meaning of fashion can be if you can grow your own clothes and throw it away without feeling guilty after you don’t like it anymore. Or the animals and raw materials we could save by using biomaterials?

If you’re as interested as I am in this topic, it’s probably very cool to visit the exposition about BioDesign in Rotterdam. 


Cool Rotterdam

19 Sep

Cool Rotterdam

During a trip to Rotterdam I was introduced for the first time with this very cool project Mini-Mall, a mall with a large variety of young creatives, cool shops and passionate entrepreneurs. Mini Mall is a creative hotspot in Rotterdam, housed under the first seven arches of the former Hofplein Station. The Mini Mall consists of 2500 sq. m. of retail and catering space for all kind of creative minds. The Mini Mall is designed by AFARAI and PEÑA architecture and the developer Hofbogen BV who wanted to create something  in response to a lack of affordable locations in Rotterdam where fresh new initiatives can see the light of day.



What I really like about this project is that young creative entrepreneurs with a good idea get the opportunity to do something with their innovative and cool idea’s. Especially in a time where it’s very hard to start your own shop or company it is really inspiring that these people just take the risk and share their passion with others. I thinks this kind of initiatives especially work very well in times of economical crisis, we need to be more creative in order to make money and I hope that in more cities around the world these kind of projects will ‘pop-up’.



Doodling & Observing

18 Sep

Doodling Daily Items

Sometimes it’s really difficult to clean your head and look to de world around you by using all your senses. I did a couple of exercises to fully open my senses which I’m going to share with you.

The first one is making sketches of de items you use in your daily life. Everyday I live in a kind of autopilot modus, sometimes I listen to music or walk to the store without even noticing what I’m doing. By thinking about what you use on a daily base you stop this autopilot modus and really have to think about what you did that day. This exercise really helped me clean my mind and I felt really zen afterwards. My mind is always really busy and I’m always thinking about the things I still have to do and about things in the future, that it’s easy to forget what’s happening around you and think about now & here. So when you need a moment to clean your head pick up some blank paper and a pencil and start doodling!

The seconds exercise really helps you to look around you and use all your senses by doing it. The only things you need are a notebook and a pen, after that you have to sit down at a random place and just write down what you see, hear or smell what you didn’t noticed at first when you entered that spot.
I chose to sit down in the central hall at school, this is a place were you normally just walk down and never pay any attention to so I thought this could be a good challenge for me. At first I only saw the things I already saw when I came in, like a lamp, the door and the reception but when I picked up my pen and started to look a little closer to me different things got my attention. I saw a blond hair at my chair, some dirt at the chair next to me, and when I looked up I realized that the lamps were al different .. I also heard a zooming noise from a computer in one corner and smelled the wet air of the rain outside.

This made me realize that so many things happen around you without you even noticing it. Pretty weird don’t you think? I think if we always observe the things around us with all our senses that we would fully live, instead of rushing down our lives all the time.

World Wide Influencers

17 Sep


This weeks assignment was about innovators, early adaptors and our personal influencers. It was pretty difficult to think about what my personal influencers are and most important why. But, after a week of thinking I came up with a little list which I’m going to share with you.

My Personal top 5 INFLUENCERS:

  1. Li Edelkoort // She is absolutely worlds biggest and most inspiring trend forecaster. I’m a huge fan of her because she can really explain a trend of big movement in society by using poetic words and beautiful styled photo’s. She is the ultimate trend guru and I can only hope that I’ll be half as good as she one time. I think every trend professional should learn to use images the way Li can do it…
  2. Banksy // I’m a huge fan of street art. Street art are the hieroglyphics of the 21st century, it’s not just about a beautiful picture, street art can also say a lot about the society. That’s why I love Banksy’s work, his art reflects on the society we live in and makes you think about all the strange things that happen around us, like politics or the way commercial companies behave. Banksy is always spot on.
  3. Iris van Herpen // Iris absolutely one of the greatest Dutch innovators in fashion. She combines fashion with new innovative materials and all het pieces are beautifully crafted art pieces with a story. Her collection with 3D printed pieces is just phenomenal, she always takes the risk and I love the way she brings fashion to the next level.
  4. Beyonce // She is from a really different kind of genre compared with my other influencers but she also deserves a spot in my top 5. The way she can entertain thousands of people is really inspiring. The kind of influence she has on me is just to have GIRL POWER. You really have to fight hard to accomplish your dreams and at moments when I need some extra motivation and confidence I just listen to her music and watch her perform.
  5. Daan Roosegaarde // I love the way he can translate social trends into innovative technological art pieces. He is just a really inspiring artist who comes up with interesting projects which make you think about topics as collaboration, intimacy and sustainability.

I also thought really hard about who could be the influencer of the future and I couldn’t come up with one name. I just thought about little peer-to-peer start up that are coming up everywhere. I think the need to start working bottom-up and collaborating with the people around you is getting bigger and bigger and companies as the Dutch Peerby and Thuisafgehaald are innovators in that field. I think they can be influencers when it gets to creating a sharing economy and making a more social environment and now it’s starting really small but the mindset of these start ups can really inspire a big crowd in the future.

I hope that I can inspire you by sharing my personal influencers and that somewhere in the future I can be as successful in my work as they are now. It would be really great to become an influencer myself for the next generation and I just wish that I can inspire them with my new and innovative fashion concepts that changed the way people experience their clothes or the way they shop.


Ultimate Web

10 Sep

The Web

Do you ever think about that time when there was no internet? Well, I was and I realized that that time (not that long ago) must have been so much more easy and difficult at the same time.

I saw this picture and I thought, this is how I feel sometimes. Off course, internet has made my life so much easier. I can’t get lost anymore, I can always keep in touch with my family on the other side of the world and I don’t have to leave my home to “see” stuff.  But, I’m just trapped in this huge being online thing that it’s really difficult to step out of it sometimes. I’m connected to everything, my iPad connects with my iPod, iPhone and Mac and they are connected to Apple who knows a lot of stuff about me and when I’m doing research I use Google and Google connects information about my online behavior with other commercial companies.. At the end almost everything I do online is connected to somebody or something else and that creeps me out sometimes. And that’s the same story with this picture, all the rods are connected with each other and whether they like it or not. It helps them, but it also results in some ‘tension’.


Recycle Yourself

10 Sep

Recycle Yourself

We live in a society where everything is moving really fast. Every minute we see something new and all the decisions you have to make at one day really stresses me out sometimes. With all that noise in my head it is pretty difficult to think about the things that really matter. Like.. your own health or family or the things you really want to do because you enjoy them.

Sometimes I dream of a button inside my head which I can switch on and of. For instance a button for school, one for when I’m at work and one for when I’m at home so I can really have a time out from thinking about my school work and enjoy the company of others around me and really can listen to them. That would be nice right?

It’s a pity it doesn’t exist, that’s why I chose to post this particular picture so I can help myself to remember that I have to “Recycle Myself” sometimes. After a long day I’ll take my recycle moment and think about the things I liked and learnt that day so I can clean my head and start with some fresh air with a new chapter.

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