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How they work at Interpolis

20 Jan



A couple of weeks ago I was happy to get a tour and a presentation a the office of the Dutch insurance company Interpolis. Interpolis was one of the first insurance companies that really wanted to be clear about what they do and how they do it to their customers. Interpolis was also one of the first companies that started with flexible working already in the nineties. This was really innovative back in that day, now in 2014 they still work at the same way as they did back then so the question is how innovative are they right now?

During the tour we saw different places the people of Interpolis are allowed to work, some inspiring, some a bit old fashioned. The thing I was a bit curios about was if it is nice to work in an environment like this. I know that a lot of companies that work with a flexible working program also have certain moments a week that the workpeople have to come to the office in order to have some time to talk to each other in order to keep the creativity and motivation at a certain level. I was wondering how that would work in a company like Interpolis. Always working from a different place in this big office or from behind the desk at home sounds a bit lonely for me. I also like to have some clear notion about what I can expect each day to make a planning for myself and searching for a nice place to work sounds a bit unonrganized for me. 



What I really liked about the company where the intimate places where you could sit down and have a private conversation with you colleagues. These places gave a little more personal feeling to the big open space. Like these chairs above that really let people make eye contact and shuts you of the things that happen around you. I think places like this are necessary for when you want some feedback and talk about what you’re doing without any distractions. 



What does CRAFT mean to me?

13 Sep

CRAFT, it’s something you normally don’t think about every day, but maybe we should..

I’m a fashion student and things that interest me most are trends, things that are changing in our normal day life. I like to think about what these changing ‘signs’ or trends that people are spotting in society will mean to us in the future, but especially what this means for fashion. That’s why I started thinking about Craft, there was a long time in society we didn’t want to know where our products came from and how and by who they were produced. But, that is changing now, we want to know what we are buying and we are interested in craftsmanship again. In the coming weeks I want to research the reason why people are interested in things like craft again and what is changing in the relationship between producer, product and people.

Craft for me is a design or a product with a soul, it’s not just an ordinary thing, it’s more than that.. it’s a product were you can build a long-term relationship with, it’s also a product that’s made with love and it’s different from you’ve seen before, Craft is just beautiful in its own way. 

The Value of Storytelling

11 Sep

Last week in the Tolhuistuin started our journey at the new and improved Brands & Innovation specialisation. The coming months are all about trends and the changing relationship between consumer, costumer and product.

The best way to start with a topic like this is to start with yourself, so we did. We all brought two things we still have, but don’t use or wear anymore. In our normal life we are keeping products with different reasons: special memories or a personal feeling what us connect to our product.

But why are we still wearing fast fashion? Bad quality clothes, with lack of craftsmanship and no product story contribute to a overconsumption society.


Good quality products, which we can use way longer, ensures our relationship with our garment and contribute to a sustainable society. So you create your own diary-coat, with your personal history.


Fashion is outdated said forecaster Truus Doktor in her non-seasonal presentation. ‘’Never too casual, never too dressy.’’


To see if products with a special story are more intersting for people we did a little research with to addvertisements on the Dutch site

We can say that the products with a good story are the winners of the test.


Would you also rather opt for ‘’the-story-behind-ad’’? Than you also role the ultimate slow life trend, said Second Sight. 

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