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Chinese Pinterest with Glam

17 Dec

I’m now working on a trendreport for the Dutch brand HEMA, this brand really likes to conquer the world and especially Asia. That’s why I did some research to cool things that happen in China.

Everybody knows social network Pinterest, the digital board that allows you to share the most inspiring pictures and create your own visual collages. China has its very own version of Pinterest, called Buykee. With Buykee it is also possible to create your own visual collages and like and share the pictures you think are cool, only big difference is that this platform only contains luxury and fashion goods which you can also buy when you see something you like. This makes it even more easy to make the perfect wishing list!

Also a big advantage is that you can easily search for the products you like and the site contains big Asian and Western brands. I’m also a fan of Pinterest, but often, like a lot of other woman experience, it’s pretty annoying to click so much to discover from which brand a certain product is or where I can buy it, when it’s even possible. Buykee sounds like the perfect combination between a webshop and an inspiring visual market and since we’re living in a visual culture nowadays this site promises hours of looking at beautiful goods. Just be honest, nobody wants to buy something in a crappy webstore with ‘flat’ images’ and at Buykee everything already looks just marvelous.

I think this site can also be an interesting platform for HEMA to start introducing their brand to the Asian market. If HEMA succeeds in creating inspiring images which will be shared by as many users as possible, this will help them get more brand awareness. ImageImage



16 Nov

What it Is:

Like Beyonce already sang:

‘I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, and something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget, I was here’ 

Via Instagram you can post the most beautiful pictures with #IWASHERE to show the world what kind of special things you’ve seen and done. Because, let’s be honest it’s very important that everybody knows what a exciting life you’ve been leading right?
Dutch travel organization CheapTickets came up with their very own I Was Here online campaign. Via Facebook you can upload your best vacation picture at the #IKWASHIER campaign page to have a chance to win tickets to this very special place you’ve been to. At the Facebook page you can let all you friends rate your pic and the one with the highest rating will win the tickets!

Why it is Cool:

Well, the phenomenon of posting your pretty vacation pictures to (indirectly) make everybody jealous by what you’ve been up to already exists for a couple of years, but CheapTickets show us the commercial version. I think the idea is really cool (and it fits perfectly in the Narcism trend), the only counter part is that campaigns like these are always a bit unfair if you ask me. The person with the biggest online network will get most votes and probably win. Which will also results in a more narcissistic self, but that’s probably not the intention of the users and the campaign.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:

I don’t think people will stop with posting things online just to show the world that they matter. Deep down everybody has the urge to get some feedback about that their life is special and your here for a purpose. But, I think this also gives a lot of stress for some people who see this phenomenon as an obligation to be part of. And I’m really curious about how this will develop in the future.Schermafbeelding 2013-11-20 om 12.05.40

Roll Out Happiness

29 Oct



What it Is:

This is the Coca Cola ‘Roll Out Happiness’ pop-up park in Vilnius, Lithuania. This park and the therefore especially made machine are part of the ‘Where would happiness strike next from Coca Cola’. Coca-Cola’s ‘Roll Out Happiness’ truck’ aims to make gray urban spaces a little more happy. The temporary intervention, that has the shape of a Coca-Cola’s famous bottle, produces real grass and invites passers-by to take of their shoes, enjoy the sun and relax a bit (while enjoying a refreshing Coke, of course).

Why it is Cool:

Urban Hackers are busy trying to make boring city places into a more green and inspiring environment for quite a while. But this is one of the first examples of a big commercial company that uses their creativity to pimp-up gray places in order to  interact with their target group. Coca-Cola’s motto ‘Spread Happiness’ is really visible and you recognize the park instantly as one of the soda brand. I think that’s really cool because not every trend fits into the brand DNA of a certain brand, but Coca-Cola really knows how to put it off.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:

This park fits into the need of people to decide themselves how they can fill up their own environment and the need experience something new, something cool and cozy. Also really cool about this project is the way how neighbors can get to know each other and meet at this special place. This park is something where everybody in the neighborhood will talk about and this brings people together and let them share even more happiness.


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