Magazine Kiosk of the Future

15 Oct

This is Meganews, the first automatic magazine kiosk ever and already in use at two different places in Sweden. Meganews is a small kiosk that contains all different kind of digital magazines and papers and one big printing machine.

The Meganews kiosk works really easy, you can choose from more than 100 different titles, by clicking on the magazine you like the digital pdf version will appear on you screen. After that the only thing you  have to do is press print and pay with you credit card. After two minutes, your fresh printed magazine will pop out of the machine. It’s like a little factory inside a kiosk!

There are a couple of things that make this product really cool. First, it contains to a more sustainable production, the kiosk only prints the magazines that people are willing to buy. So, no more waste! Second reason why it is cool is that it’s possible to sell all different kind of international magazines and also the smaller creative independent magazines. With Meganews it will be very easy to get you personal favorite magazine. And the last reason why it is cool is that you can introduce yourself with new magazines you didn’t knew before and, of course, it feels very special when you receive something that’s freshly made for you.

This machine offers big potential for both printed media and digital media. Times are hard for printed media, but they are still very important in the media landscape. Although news and other information is also available online, there still will be people who prefer printed media. New ways of distributing and selling content, however, are necessary for this industry to survive and many magazines and newspapers can’t afford large circulation any more. That’s where Meganews can play an important role for the future.


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