Cool Rotterdam

19 Sep

Cool Rotterdam

During a trip to Rotterdam I was introduced for the first time with this very cool project Mini-Mall, a mall with a large variety of young creatives, cool shops and passionate entrepreneurs. Mini Mall is a creative hotspot in Rotterdam, housed under the first seven arches of the former Hofplein Station. The Mini Mall consists of 2500 sq. m. of retail and catering space for all kind of creative minds. The Mini Mall is designed by AFARAI and PEÑA architecture and the developer Hofbogen BV who wanted to create something  in response to a lack of affordable locations in Rotterdam where fresh new initiatives can see the light of day.



What I really like about this project is that young creative entrepreneurs with a good idea get the opportunity to do something with their innovative and cool idea’s. Especially in a time where it’s very hard to start your own shop or company it is really inspiring that these people just take the risk and share their passion with others. I thinks this kind of initiatives especially work very well in times of economical crisis, we need to be more creative in order to make money and I hope that in more cities around the world these kind of projects will ‘pop-up’.



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