Doodling & Observing

18 Sep

Doodling Daily Items

Sometimes it’s really difficult to clean your head and look to de world around you by using all your senses. I did a couple of exercises to fully open my senses which I’m going to share with you.

The first one is making sketches of de items you use in your daily life. Everyday I live in a kind of autopilot modus, sometimes I listen to music or walk to the store without even noticing what I’m doing. By thinking about what you use on a daily base you stop this autopilot modus and really have to think about what you did that day. This exercise really helped me clean my mind and I felt really zen afterwards. My mind is always really busy and I’m always thinking about the things I still have to do and about things in the future, that it’s easy to forget what’s happening around you and think about now & here. So when you need a moment to clean your head pick up some blank paper and a pencil and start doodling!

The seconds exercise really helps you to look around you and use all your senses by doing it. The only things you need are a notebook and a pen, after that you have to sit down at a random place and just write down what you see, hear or smell what you didn’t noticed at first when you entered that spot.
I chose to sit down in the central hall at school, this is a place were you normally just walk down and never pay any attention to so I thought this could be a good challenge for me. At first I only saw the things I already saw when I came in, like a lamp, the door and the reception but when I picked up my pen and started to look a little closer to me different things got my attention. I saw a blond hair at my chair, some dirt at the chair next to me, and when I looked up I realized that the lamps were al different .. I also heard a zooming noise from a computer in one corner and smelled the wet air of the rain outside.

This made me realize that so many things happen around you without you even noticing it. Pretty weird don’t you think? I think if we always observe the things around us with all our senses that we would fully live, instead of rushing down our lives all the time.


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