Scenario 2020 New Heritage & Re-Use

16 Oct


After the economical crisis the western world had to suffer from, much people began to think about possibilities to prevent a new crisis, it’s important that people still let the money flow and won’t stop buying but there is also another problem to keep in mind. The environment we are living in is also in a crisis and one of the reasons for that is overconsumption, for years we only wanted to buy new stuff and new stuff meant new raw materials and a lot of waste when you don’t like it anymore.

That’s why stores are changed in 2020; you don’t go to a store to buy a whole new wardrobe but to improve your wardrobe. This is how it works: it’s possible that after a couple of years wearing a coat you don’t like it anymore, maybe because it’s out-dated or it doesn’t fit anymore. If that happens you don’t have to throw it away anymore. There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Designer Re-Use. -> It’s a place were young designers will make a new item out of your old. You can choose for an original one of a kind design (expensive) or a ready-to-wear design of the designer. After choosing what you want the designer will make a beautiful new/re-used garment for you. It isn’t really fast but it will endure your relationship with your favourite garment.
  2. Re-Use fast-fashion. -> This is a fast and easy way of shopping, before entering the store you can hand in your old stuff. Per item you get 25% discount, this you can use for new items. The clothes you hand in will be ripped apart and made into new clothes. In the store is already a huge collection with new clothes all made out of re-used old garments.

How do you think stores will look like in 2020?


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